Springtime in Gotham. Image by Karli Evans.



Phil Evans is a designer, photographer & storyteller on a painfully slow journey to California. He currently lives in North Carolina and works for clients near and far. His designs tend to be clean, colorful & contrasty; his photography is a mix of urban people-watching and cityscapes that often incorporate those same traits.

Educated as a designer (Art Institute of Pittsburgh), his career moved from art director at an advertising agency (55 hour weeks for very little pay) to corporate communications (wearing a tie 9 to 5 for decent pay) to an independent designer (working late and wearing whatever he wants). Beyond design, his love of photography and California finally overtook him a few years ago and became a focus in his personal development. 

When he’s not working, he’s editing images of his last trip or planning the next (and telling a brief nightly story on Instagram). He intends to have a drink with Bill Murray at some point, he’s always up late, and he will pet your dog. Sometimes for fun he writes about himself in the third person.